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The Side Effects of Ketogenic Diet

Before starting a ketogenic diet, be sure to check with your doctor first. You need to know the main side effects of the keto diet before beginning a strict diet precisely. However, changing your eating habits can also have unwanted effects if you don’t know how your body will react. Some diets that are best for one person are not always suitable for another. Check it out below if you want to know the side effects of this popular diet.

Weight Gain After Stopping the Diet Plan


Probably notice significant weight loss in the first two to three months. Most of this is due to water loss. The first week is the most difficult; however, your body will slowly adapt to your new diet. One afternoon of cheating will do it. And before you know it, you have had a whole week of intensely large amounts of carbohydrates.

If you’re not careful, this can create a yo-yo pattern in weight changes that is stressful on your system. By simply changing your eating plan in this way, your metabolism may have difficulty adjusting, which often contributes to weight loss.

Cause Gut and Digestion Problems

So before you start a ketogenic diet, make sure it’s something you can stick to. First of all, make sure your ‘cheat days’ don’t turn into ‘cheat weeks.’ When you limit your carbohydrates, you eat fewer starches and whole grains. When you need to eat carbs, it is best to incorporate these types of “healthy fats” to promote an influential microbiome. Also, it is pretty standard for people to suffer from constipation or diarrhea during a keto diet due to the high fiber consumption.

Increase Vitamin and Mineral Deficiency Problem

Strict versions of the ketogenic diet limit the number of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains that can be consumed. Each of these foods is incredibly nutrient-dense, vitamin-rich, and full of antioxidants. If you severely limit your intake of fruit and vegetables, you may suffer from nutrient and vitamin deficiencies. For this reason, it is essential to talk to your doctor regularly to make sure your body is getting all the vital nutrients it needs. Consider taking a multivitamin or other supplement during a keto diet to reduce the risk of nutrient deficiencies.

Decreased Energy and Athletic Performance

In particular, athletes participating in high-intensity sports may not perform at their peak level for long periods. So if you participate in sports that require prolonged endurance, you should think twice about following a keto diet. It can significantly affect your performance, deplete your energy levels faster and cause fatigue.

Increase Risk of Heart Disease and Stroke

This can increase your risk of developing heart disease or suffering a stroke. Further research should find out more about how the keto diet affects heart health. Similarly, the body’s blood vessels may be adversely affected during a high-fat diet. However, it is not necessarily the fat itself that is the problem. If you are aware of this danger, you can continue …

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A Guide to Ketogenic Diet

People out there are looking for a diet that works like magic and gives them results in a few days. You cannot blame them because they are not proud of their bodies and would not sit around waiting for results.

This is where ketogenic diet comes in. This diet involves taking a moderate portion of proteins, low carbs, and high-fat ratio. At first, you would not believe this is the kind of diet you need to lose weight and be on a healthy path. Well, that is what many people think, but they are in for a shock. Keep on reading this article to know more about keto diet.

Losing Your Usual Eating Habits

If you decide to try keto diet, your old habits should be off the table. We know how hard it is to let go of your old ways. It is just like telling a smoker who has been at it for 30 years to stop overnight. However, if you want to get success from this diet, you have to stop eating in your ordinary way.

More Fat as Opposed to Carbs

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Typically, sugar from carbohydrates is burned to release energy to the body. While this is the case with many diets, it has been the cause of unhealthy weight and other related problems. With keto diet, fat takes the place of sugar. Fat is burned to release energy for body use. But before it gets there, insulin will try to block fat pockets. However, ketogenic diet knows just how to deal with this problem. With less carb intake, less insulin will be produced. In its absence, your body will be forced to burn fat as your source of energy.

The Ketosis Phase

Once insulin is no longer present, there is a switch from sugar-burning to fat-burning. It will take some time for your body to adjust to the change. This diet aims to starve your body of carbs until it starts to burn fat. The intermediate state before fat burning starts called ketosis. In this state, your body uses ketones for energy.

Easy Steps

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Now that you know the general idea of this diet, it is time you know the things that will give you an early win. Here are easy chronological steps to help you maximize the keto diet benefits:

  • It is not going to be a smooth ride. You have to be ready to make a few sacrifices. When it becomes unbearable, remember you are doing this for your health’s sake.
  • Do not wake up and decide that you will be taking a quarter of your usual carb quota. You need moderation if you are to go to the end of the journey. Start small and keep slashing your carbs until you hit the minimum portion.
  • This is not a diet you can keep up with forever. You should be done in a few weeks. Once you have achieved your health goals, take a break.