Health Reason to Have a Few Beers

16 Oct by Donna Perez

Health Reason to Have a Few Beers

Why do people have to brew their beer? The first thing that comes when it comes to taking beer is to help you have a conversation and get social. As it turns out, there is more to drinking beer than actually having some light moments with your friends. Drinking beer, in moderation, can be good for your health. So here are some health benefits accrued drinking beer.

Goof For Your Hearthealthy Heart Pulse

As much as drinking is concerned, wine often gets all the credit when it comes to protecting your heart. What most people fail to realize that beer can be equally healthy. Some medical researchers have every reason to believe that drinking beer occasionally reduces the risk of suffering from cardiovascular ailments. For maximum benefits, keep your consumption to one pint a day.

Makes You Creative

Do you know that your problem-solving abilities are greatly enhanced when you are high? Drinking a cold beer or two does not make anyone mart. However, it lets your mind off the hook and boosts your creativity. The creativity benefits are only realized when you enjoy your beer in moderation.

Good For Kidneys

Another good reason to grab a cold beer is that it could protect you from kidney stones. Some researchers have established very close links between taking a glass of beer and lowering the possibility of developing kidney stones. They suggest that or each pint of beer you drink, you reduce your chances of experiencing kidney stones by up to 40%.

Recover Faster

Beer has been proved to aid in muscle recovery. This explains why it is recommended to have some beer after a serious workout. Between re-hydrating yourself with beer and water, having post workout pin can make you more hydrated, thus aiding in workout recovery.

two beer glassesLowers Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is responsible for a wide range of health problems. In worst case scenarios, high blood pressure is linked to multiple fatalities. Researchers have established that drinking beer in moderation reduces the risk of hypertension. One reason this happens is that beer actually helps in reducing the amount of cholesterol in your body and consequently improves the quality of blood flow.

The only way you can enjoy the health benefits of taking beer is by sticking to a few drinks per day. Drinking too much can hurt your health.

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ByDonna Perez

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