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Questions About alcoholism In Society

Alcoholism in the society has always been a topic that creates a lot of confusion, passion and dismay. According to some people, alcohol is associated with rituals; reverence, celebration and joy while others associate alcohol with moral failing, death, diseases and sorrow. Hence, there are many questions about alcoholism in the society that have always remained unanswered.

The society has always tried to discourage the takinkm36edt6y273eu82i02g of alcohol, but it has allowed others to get access to them because it is legal and non-prescribed. Some myths prove alcohol to be significant to some people such as those who want to lose weight, but they have never been substantiated with biological research. Hence, here are some of the questions about alcoholism in society.


1. Is alcoholism an addiction?

Alcoholism is an addiction since taking them causes a long term reaction that convinces a person that he or she cannot stay without alcohol and other drugs. Many people develop a compulsive psychological dependence which becomes a belief and can be passed from one generation to another.

When the older people are addicted to alcoholism, then the youths will be brought up with a perspective that drinking of alcohol is safe then it becomes a progressive condition. Besides, alcoholism`s compulsive nature is proved by the fact that when one takes alcohol today, his or her body starts craving for more.

2. Is alcoholism a disease?

Yes, alcoholism has been considered to be a physical, spiritual and a mental disease that has some of the physiological components. Treating of alcohokmb53wer5t262ye8u2e52t62lism as a disease has been proven to be an efficient mode of getting rid of the problem. Alcoholism starts as a moral problem and a character flaw but at some point because there are fears that it will become a genetic and hereditary problem it is classified as a disease.

Moreover, treating the physiological components will not create the expected positive impacts on the life of an alcoholic. Hence, it should be addressed as a disease which entails treating the emotional, spiritual and mental components.

3. To what extent does alcoholism affect the society?

Alcoholism has been considered to be a fatal disease hence the society is affected significantly. It kills the heart and spirit hence causes a great dysfunction in a person’s family and the society. Alcoholism causes emotional and spiritual wounds that are passed from one generation to another.

It leaves great scars that will change and control the lives of many people in the society even after the alcoholic dies. Some of the kmn35etd62y72u82id7t262u8effects include work alcoholism, eating disorders, depression, relationship phobia, fear of intimacy which impact negatively on the society. Moreover, it has been proven that when a person or the society puts more efforts on saving the alcoholics is when they engage in alcoholism because the alcoholics always feels unworthy of the society.

4. What are the physical effects of alcoholism on someone?

Alcoholism is a fatal disease that causes a lot of adverse effects on …