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What to Know About Male Pattern Baldness and Its Best Treatment

Androgenetic Alopecia, or what people usually call it male pattern baldness, is a condition where there is excessive hair loss in a pattern on the head. Pattern baldness affects both men and women, but to a greater extent in men, who typically experience more hair loss. The treatment for this disorder is varied; however, the best and most effective treatment for male pattern baldness is Finasteride. You can learn more about it at credihealth. Also, let’s take a look further at male pattern baldness and its most effective treatment.

Male pattern baldness

Facts About Male Pattern Baldness

In men, baldness usually begins with a receding hairline that turns into a thinning crown. Many hair losses are well understood and classified and each of these classifications is based on the amount of baldness and the area affected. From the United States, about 35 million men will experience a reduction in their locks due to baldness. Male pattern baldness affects 50-80% of Caucasian men. Interestingly, African men and other races appear to have a slightly lower prevalence of male pattern baldness. Most commonly, hair tends to tilt in the brain, which can cause a hairstyle problem.

Development of Male Pattern Baldness

Androgenetic alopecia growth or hair loss may be due to GHT. There is an inherited predisposition to baldness in some people, and their own hair follicles have receptors for GHT. Baldness begins when the hair follicle shrinks and doesn’t stay in the developmental stage for as long. This causes hair to fall out faster than normal and new hair starts to grow. However, as the hair falls out faster, the hair becomes thinner and grows little or not at all.

Male hair loss is just one of the causes of thinning hair that cannot be avoided. If you suspect this is the case, ask your doctor. Some herbal oils have been proven to be effective. These herbal oils are arjuvedic and have been used worldwide for centuries to stop hair loss and help with baldness. However, if you want some medicine that is easy to find, you can try Finasteride.

Effective Treatments of Male Pattern Baldness

Male pattern baldnessThere are still many remedies available on the market that counteract DHT and prevent it from entering the pores. The main treatments available on the market are drugs like Finasteride or Propecia, Minoxidil, and the new second-generation baldness drug, Proxidil. Trials are also underway with dutasteride and ketoconazole, but as of 2010, the FDA has not approved these two drugs to treat androgenetic alopecia. Among those three medicines, many believe that Finasteride is the most efficient and effective treatment for this hair loss. Many people have already proved the benefits of it.

Finasteride is an oral drug for male pattern baldness. It works as it blocks the testosterone to DHT or Dihydrotestosterone, which causes male pattern baldness. It is advertised in the United States as Propecia but is not available in Ireland. After two decades, results showed that 83 percent of those who took Finasteride retained their …